Our mission at Golden Years Concierge is to make the tasks and events of everyday life more manageable, giving you more time to do the things you want to do, and be with the people you love.

To that end, we offer a variety of non-medical services designed to help with the tasks of everyday life that sometimes feel overwhelming, supporting you in maintaining your independence while experiencing peace of mind.

Below are examples of the kinds of services we offer. Understanding that everyone's needs are not quite the same, we will gladly create a personalized plan that meets your specific requirements. And should you have a special service request, we are happy to discuss it with you so please call us so that we can go into more detail about your specific needs .

   Move Management -

When Moving Seems Overwhelming

  • Sort and organize your belongings for downsizing
  • We obtain a floor plan from your new community and discuss the best layout of your furniture, to ensure it is a safe and comfortable new home for you.

  • Work with our clients to select the proper pieces of furniture that will fit into their new home; along with other possessions.
  • Coordinate your move - either into your new home, or out of your current home - we'll arrange the movers, and supervise them.
  • Pack and unpack - we'll do it with care and attention, freeing you to simply settle in and will make sure that there is a sense of consistency between your old and new home
  • Take care of getting services turned on or off (utilities, cable, telephone etc.)
  • Arrange to get special items to family members that you want them to have.
  • We will make sure your previous residence is totally cleaned out
  • Refer you to other reputable service providers you may need such as estate sales person, Realtors, etc

Real Estate Services

Selling your home can sometimes be overwhelming. If that happens we have licensed Realtors on our staff Northern Arizona Real Estate Specialists and we can help you through the process of selling your home.    

Estate Clean Out Services

  • Locate all valuables and necessary documents and make sure that these are secured and given to the designated person
  • Arrange for the shipment of items to family members as needed
  • Discuss options available for the profitable disposal of unwanted items
  • Refer you to reputable Estate Sales providers

Personal Assistant -Helping you navigate your busy life, without having to hire a full time assistant

  • Assist with banking (making deposits,paying bills,writing checks, coordinating records at tax time)
  • Liaison with service providers
  • Holiday, thank you, special events cards - we'll address the cards and get them on their way
  • Do your grocery shopping for you
  • Accompany you to doctor appointments and if requested can listen in and take notes at the appointment to help communicate with designated persons
  • Personal shopping
  • Coordinate household repairs
  • Take your car for service
  • Mail services
  • Arrange travel plans

De -cluttering Services

  • After the initial consultation we will work together to create and execute a workable plan to de- clutter your space.
  • Recommend proper storage containers, shelf organizers anything needed to help keep you organized.
  • Will help dispose of any unwanted items after de-cluttering has been complete
  • can arrange for final cleaning of your old residence if necessary or get it ready for an Estate Sale

  Fees for Services:

Our hourly rates are determined by the type of service you require. They start at $25 per hour. We also can set fees by the project which can be more cost effective, and we can also set up services on a weekly or monthly fee for personal assistant services.

Please call us for your specific rates for service. 928-266-2839

Elizabeth Bohlke,

Owner / Operator

Golden Years Concierge Services

Serving Seniors in Northern Arizona

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